Gluten Free ~ Soy Free ~ Cow Milk Dairy Free
Organic Fruit & Vegetables
Organic Chicken
Grass Fed Beef
Wild Caught Fish

Organic Raw Juice

~ Organic Juice Bar ~ 7

We use a Nutrifaster N450 to craft fresh juice from organic fruits and vegetables

Fresh Start

apple, carrot and/or orange


lemon, maple syrup & cayenne


carrot & apple

 Gerson Green

kale, chard, romaine, green pepper & apple

 Kale Aid

kale, cucumber, lemon & apple


carrot, celery, orange, apple & lime


romaine, kale, lemon & apple

Bold Passion

beet, lime, kale, chard & apple

 Bright Eyes

carrot, apple & ginger

 Island Spice

apple, ginger & coconut water

 Oasis Cucumber Lemonade

cucumber, lemon & agave

Alkalized Water

We use a Chanson MAXX water machine to alkalize and ionize our water. It is set to a pH of 9.5.  Our Chanson C3 filtration system removes chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, sulfur pesticides and nitrates while leaving the minerals intact.


 ~ Refreshers ~ 3.5

Dry Sodas

Cucumber, lavender, vanilla,

blood orange, rhubarb


 Voss Sparkling Water

Aqua Panna Still Water

Zico Coconut Water


~ Organic & Fair Trade Coffee & Teas ~ 3

served with agave and coconut milk


~ Gluten Free Beers ~ 6

 New Grist

Crisp, light, refreshing ale with hints of apple & lemon. Brewed from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses

 New Planet Pale Ale

Bold hop character, rich caramel and grapefruit notes with a clean yet distinctly hoppy finish

 New Planet Belgian Ale

Bright, crisp and refreshing with subtle spice and honey notes


~ Gluten Free Hard Cider ~ 6

 Ace Joker Hard Cider

Strong and dry hard cider. European in style, tasty champagne characteristics

 Ace Perry Hard Cider

Pure fruit juices gives this cider its fresh, fruity taste


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