Gluten Free ~ Soy Free ~ Cow Milk Dairy Free
Organic Fruit & Vegetables
Organic Chicken
Grass Fed Beef
Wild Caught Fish

Dinner Menu
Tuesday - Thursday 5 pm - 9 pm
Friday/Saturday/Sunday 2 pm - 9 pm

Wild Crab Cakes
two wild crab cakes prepared with celery, onion, Italian parsley, bread crumbs & served with our dairy free, nut free pesto 16

Vegan Apple Bruschetta sautéed apples, garlic, and onion, placed on top of crisp gluten free bread with a cashew garlic cream then finished with a balsamic reduction 14 

Vegan Portobello Pita Portobello mushroom is sauteed with zucchini, bell pepper, onion, garlic, kalamata olives then wrapped in our vegan pita and finished with a pesto drizzle  14 

Protein Bites  4 oz of protein of your choice sautéed in olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper & served with our dairy free pesto 15
           Grass Fed Beef – Organic Chicken Breast - Wild Alaskan Salmon – Wild Shrimp 

Flatbread Hugo's
hearty tomato sauce and goat cheddar 12  Add Veggies 14

Pesto Flatbread
dairy free, nut free pesto and goat cheddar 12   Add wild shrimp 6 or wild crab 8.50

Hawaiian Flatbread
house marinara, ham, pineapple, goat cheddar 14

Daily Soup bowl 10 cup 5

Salads  small 7  large 13 add chicken 6  crab or salmon 8.50 or shrimp 6 grass fed beef 6

Caesar  crisp romaine, tomatoes & bread crumbs tossed in our perfected vegan Caesar dressing and topped with Pecorino Romano cheese

Layered Salad crispy kale and Caesar salads are layered and topped with sauteed seasonal veggies

Crispy Kale  baked kale tossed with olive oil, red pepper, lemon, and garlic, topped with Romano cheese, gluten free breadcrumbs & crushed red pepper

Hugo’s Signature Salad  green kale, swiss chard, cucumber, tomato, cranberries, carrot tossed with a honey lemon vinaigrette and our signature cracker crumbs

In the Raw

Zucchini Noodles
 raw zucchini shavings tossed in truffle infused olive oil, sunflower seeds, olives and tomato  
small 8 large 13

Marinara Zucchini Noodles  sundried tomato, crushed red pepper, fresh tomato, paprika, olive oil, bell pepper, oregano  
small 10 large 14

Pesto Zucchini Noodles raw zucchini shavings, diced tomatoes tossed in dairy free, nut free pesto  small 10  large 14

Pasta Dishes  all of our handmade pasta from Manini’s of Ballard come  garnished with Pecorino Romano cheese (pasteurized sheep's cheese).  The pasta contains egg.  Egg free pasta made from brown rice is available on request or you may substitute zucchini noodles. Please let us know if you do not want the cheese garnish.   Add a side of gluten free garlic bread 3

Vegan Alfredo zucchini noodles, onion, bell pepper tossed in a coconut milk Alfredo sauce topped with a portobello mushroom  20
Add ons: organic chicken breast or grass fed beef 6  wild crab or salmon
8.50 or wild shrimp 6

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan
 breaded eggplant baked in our hearty marinara and placed on top of zucchini noodles tossed in our vegan alfredo sauce  20

Vegetable Pasta sautéed seasonal vegetables and portabella mushroom tossed in fresh herbs, garlic, and olive 
oil 20
Add on Mushroom 2 Veggies 4 Organic Chicken or Grass fed Beef 6 Wild Crab or Shrimp 8.50

Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti sautéed chicken, button mushrooms, garlic, parsley, crushed red pepper flake (hot), &
olive oil 23

Chicken Parmesan
 pasta alfredo topped with a breaded chicken breast cooked with a hearty marinara sauce and goat gouda 27

Macaroni and Cheese goat chevre, goat cheddar, goat gouda, and Pecorino Romano melted together in goat milk with a touch of Paprika small 16 large  20
Add on Mushroom 2 Veggies 4 Organic Chicken or Grass fed Beef 6 Wild Shrimp 6 Wild Crab or Salmon 8.50

Pasta Alfredo goat milk, white wine, onion, rosemary, GF flour 22   Add Pesto 24
Add on Mushroom 2 Veggies 4 Organic Chicken or Grass fed Beef 6 Wild Crab or Shrimp 8.50

Seafood Spaghetti calamari, prawns, cod & scallops sautéed in white wine, parsley, lemon juice, & soy free Earth Balance 27
or with house marinara sauce  28  or Alfredo sauce  28

Hugo's Burger 
10 oz grass fed ground lamb and beef, marinated with orange juice, coconut aminos, garlic, thyme, oregano. Grilled and served on our house made gf roll with tomato, Vegenaise, crispy kale, bacon and goat chevre.  Served with baked garlic fries 19 

Entrees  All entrees come with a side of mixed seasonal vegetables and baked potato with garlic cashew cream.  Baked garlic fries or extra vegetables may be substituted for the baked potato.

Portobello Mushroom a colorful arrangement of seasonal vegetables topped with a Portobello mushroom cap sautéed in olive oil and garlic 18

Crab Cake Entrée 3 wild crab cakes served with our dairy free, nut free pesto and an orange vinaigrette 26

Lemon Chicken  tender chicken breast sautéed with soy free Earth Balance, parsley, white wine, gf flour and lemon juice 23

Chicken Marsala tender chicken breast sautéed with a sweet Marsala wine, gf flour & mushroom sauce 25

Picatta  tender chicken breast or pork tenderloin sautéed in white wine, lemon juice, soy free Earth Balance, flour & topped with capers 24

Pork Tenderloin Coconut Milk Bechamel
pork tenderloin sliced and topped with a sauce of coconut milk, apples, white wine, Earth Balance, flour and bacon 26

Seafood Rib Eye 8 oz of fed beef rib eye topped with wild Crab, Shrimp, bacon and finished with a goat gouda Alfredo
sauce 44

Port Wine Rib Eye  grass fed beef rib eye with a silky ruby Port and Earth Balance reduction  39

Bacon Wrapped Rib Eye g
rass fed beef rib eye wrapped in bacon and served on a bed of red wine tomato sauce & topped with goat cheese 39

Wild Salmon 6 oz. wild Alaskan salmon filet
Simply grilled 26 Fresh Lemon Sauce 27 Piccatta 28 Dairy free, nut free Pesto 28


Kids Meals (Kids 12 and under - no adults please)

Chicken Skewers served with Baked Fries 10

Kids Burger
 4 oz of the Hugo's Burger cooked well done and sized just right for kids served with baked fries 13

Tomato Pizza  Hugo's red sauce and goat cheddar 12 Add Veggies  14

Butter & Cheese Spaghetti tossed in earth balance & topped w/ Romano cheese 10

Red or White Sauce Spaghetti in Hugo’s homemade hearty tomato or Alfredo sauce 10

Mac and Cheese  goat chevre, goat cheddar and Pecorino Romano melted together in goat milk with a touch of paprika 12


Our dishes are always gluten-free, cow milk dairy-free, soy-free.  We use high quality ingredients: organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, organic chicken, wild caught fish. Our culinary team prepares beautiful, delicious and nutritious meals simply to let the purity of the food speak.

Parties of 6 or more will receive one check with a 20% gratuity added.  Thank you!

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