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About Chef Hugo

Born in the small village of Carrillos, Mexico, Chef Hugo Tapia is the youngest of 7 children.  He grew up on the family farm, which was in many ways an idyllic life.  His parents had pigs, chickens, goats and they grew beans, corn and a variety of other vegetables.   His mother also was a cheesemaker, making a goat farm cheese that would be sold at market along with other offerings from their land.

As a youth in High School, Hugo enjoyed playing soccer and became quite skilled.  He was offered an opportunity to break into the semi-professional world of soccer, but the family lacked financial resources needed to move forward.  

After graduating High School, Hugo moved to Mexico City seeking work, which is where he gained his first experience in restaurants.  He worked for a family that owned 2 restaurants within 2 blocks of each other.  He started as a dishwasher, rapidly progressing to prep cook and sauté.  One day the restaurant was short staffed in the front of the house and Hugo was asked to work on the floor waiting tables.  His quick smile and easy-going personality were well received by customers, prompting a change to the front of the house.  His skill and mastery in the kitchen was quickly missed however, resulting in moving once again, to the back of the house. 

After seven years in Mexico City, Hugo and his brother moved to the US.  While pursuing work, he drew upon his previous experience and passion of restaurant work.  Working in a variety of restaurants for the last 11 years has provided a wealth of knowledge of different styles, techniques, and varieties of cuisine.

As Owner and Executive Chef, he draws upon his farmstead heritage, and a relentless pursuit of creating flavorful and healthy dishes that speak to all the senses, nourishing body and soul. 

“I really love what I do.” – Chef Hugo Tapia

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